Even fussy dogs love them!

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Do you care what your dog eats? So do we! Kali Wags – The Healthy Dog Snack is made from premium foods – the very same ones that we enjoy.

Kali Wags dog snacks are natural dog treats made from locally-sourced, restaurant-grade ingredients. Hand-made in small batches in Nanaimo, BC, these healthy dog snacks contain no flour, fillers, sugar, salt or artificial colours/ingredients. They are crunchy dog treats and promote your dog’s dental health. Whether your canine is pure-bred or “Heinz 57”, an aging dog or a puppy, we guarantee that “even fussy dogs love these”!

For dog owners who care about what their dogs eat, Kali Wags dog snacks come in three nutritious, natural varieties:

  • Certified organic, extra lean, grass-fed, free-range BEEF
  • “Oceanwise”, sustainable wild Pacific SALMON
  • Vegetarian, natural PEANUT BUTTER
  • Each variety contains apples, carrots, kale, pumpkin, whole eggs, wheat germ, flax seeds, and oat bran.

Kali Wags are dehydrated so their shelf-life is excellent. They can also be frozen for your convenience.

Kali Wags – The Healthy Dog Snack is a family-owned business located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Our healthy dog treats are hand-made in small batches. Kali Wags are sold in over 100 stores across Canada.

Kali Wags dog snacks are now provided to dog-owning guests in luxury hotels in Vancouver and Whistler.

Kali and Dawn

A long time dog lover herself, Dawn Farrow started Kali Wags in 2004 in Squamish, BC. “Kali” was the name of her late Yellow Lab who was the official tester of these healthy dog treats, certified by her tale “Wags”. A Goldendoodle named “Teaka” now has this honourable testing task.

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