Kali Wags dog snacks are made from equal portions of fruit and vegetables (apples and pumpkin, kale and carrots) and whole grains.
The protein component (26%) is in one of three flavours:

  • grass-fed, certified organic beef
  • sustainable wild Pacific salmon
  • natural peanut butter

These dog treats come in three sizes (35, 150 and 500 grams).
Ingredients for Kali Wags are locally sourced ingredients meant for human consumption.

This is a close-up of our dehydrated, organic beef product. All our treats have a crunchy texture which supports your dog’s dental health.

Kali Wags can be frozen.

Kali Wags healthy dog snacks are made in a commercial kitchen with the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation.
Our baker has certified “Food Safe” training.