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“Hi! I spoke with you today at the Out of Hand fair in the Crystal Gardens. You might remember me because we talked about how our current dogs are really picky eaters and can go days without touching food. Anyhow, I just thought you’d like to know my dog Thunder has already completely eaten the 3-piece organic beef treats I bought from you this afternoon. That’s pretty much unheard of around our place! Tomorrow I’ll be stopping in at Bosley’s in Parksville to pick up more – thanks for the healthy & tasty treats that even my REALLY fussy dog will eat! – Deb November 29 2013.

“Kali Wags are the “no fail” treat that almost all dogs will enjoy even if they show no interest in other treats. In addition, the Guelph Food and Technology Centre has ensured that KaliWags are nutritious as well as delicious. This makes it extremely easy to endorse Kali Wag treats!”
— Dr. Tom Honey, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

“Just knowing the quality of ingredients, the care and love Dawn puts into the creation of Kalli’s cookies reassures me that my 15 year old dog is only getting the best! My fussy old girl has turned down many a biscuit but not a Kali’s cookie, she absolutely loves them!”
— Gioia

“As someone who is focused on keeping a healthy lifestyle I found that Kali cookies not only provided essential nutrients for my Black Lab Fiora but also cleaned her teeth. Thanks Dawn (and Kali) for providing a cookie that my dog enjoys eating just as much as I enjoy feeding them to her.”
— Emily

“My dog Maya (7 year old Border Collie Lab) just loves Kali Wags cookies. The look of excitement on her face is priceless as she crunches into them. The cookies not only look good and are made of nutritious ingredients they even sound good! There is something about all that crunchy chewing that makes a pet owner feel like they have given the best possible snack to their faithful furry friend.”
— Julie Samson

“Sampson is our lab hound cross. He is blind and physically handicapped, but incredibly smart and very active. He’s the one who will turn his nose up at most store bought treats. I seriously can’t believe how much he loves these things, he’s been begging for them all day!! (My husky shepherd girl Holly eats everything and anything so I’m not surprised she loves them too). And I’m really pleased that they are also good for them :). Thanks again, these will be a new staple item in our home. ” – Allison Dec 1 2013

“I bought a bag of you product for a my dogs and the dogs I am looking after, and what a difference it made for their teeth. We have just rescued a dog from Mt Currie and her teeth looked terrible. I am pleased to say that with no more that 5 of your treats, it made a huge improvement.”
— Paula Del Bosco (dog trainer in Whistler, B.C.)

“Kali Wags dog cookies is the number one dry dog treat in our house. The wholesome real food ingredients, with beef being the first, make this cookie the most sought after treat with my dogs. My experience with this cookie is that even the most finicky eaters of dog cookies will not refuse this cookie. When given a choice of other dry treats along with Kali’s, the Kali cookie is the first to be chosen. Hands down, Kali’s is the best.”
— Dawn Crowley

“I make having a healthy lifestyle a high priority in my life not just for me but my Lab Fiora as well. I am happy to indulge her any time with Kali cookies. These handmade treats with natural ingredients not only promote and maintain her health but provide her with a delicious snack she quickly devours”
— Maria

“My 9 year old yellow lab usually thinks I’m poisoning her if I’m giving her something healthy. But Kaliwags are gone in two bites. She thinks they should be renamed Graciewags! Of course our black lab, Guido, doesn’t think twice. He starts drooling when he sees the bag. Thanks for a delicious and nutritious treat!
– Evie