​​Do you care what your dog eats?
So do we!

​Kali Wags dog snacks are natural dog treats made from locally-sourced, restaurant-grade ingredients.

Even Fussy Dogs love these!


​We care about our best friends and put that same love into our ​treats!


​Kali Wags are dehydrated so their shelf-life is excellent.​ ​Freeze them too!


​​We use only natural, premium grade, locally sourced, whole foods.

​Hand Made

​All of our dog snacks are hand made in Nanimo, British Columbia, Canada.

​Kali Wags are handcrafted from the finest organic and natural whole foods dehydrated to retain all their nutritional value. Our hypo-allergenic treats have been formulated and tested with the expertise of the Guelph Food and Technology Centre.

​Kali Wags is a family owned business​

​Kali Wags are sold in over 100 stores across Canada and are hand-made in small batches here in Beautiful British Columbia. We​ maintain the highest standards of quality to take the best care of our best friends!

​We are proud to be a "Product of Canada"

“Kali Wags are the “no fail” treat

Kali Wags are the “no fail” treat that almost all dogs will enjoy even if they show no interest in other treats. In addition, the Guelph Food and Technology Centre has ensured that KaliWags are nutritious as well as delicious. This makes it extremely easy to endorse Kali Wag treats!

Dr. Tom Honey, ... Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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​We are sure your Dogs will love them!