​Only the best goes into our treats!

Don’t think your dog will like a healthy treat? Even fussy dogs love Kali Wags and we guarantee it!

​​Did you know that Kali Wags is a
Product of Canada. 
“Product of Canada” means that 98% of the ingredients are Canadian
but "Made in Canada" requires only 51% Canadian ingredients.

​Kali Wags provides dog lovers with a local, wholesome alternative to mass-produced treats.

​We are sure you treat your dog like a member of the family, are health-conscious, read labels carefully,​ and always try to be well-informed about canine issues and topics​.​

That's why Kali Wags is a family business, dedicated to providing your pet with a healthy treat -  guaranteed to be loved by even the fussiest dogs.

​Our Story

Dawn and Kali Wags: A Woman Finds Her Joy

Kali, a Golden Labrador, came into my life in 2003 and right away, I sought treats that were as healthy as the foods which I fed her. Finding a healthy treat that she would love posed a real challenge. There were no treats where the first ingredient listed was real meat. Almost every dog treat contained mostly carbohydrates (flour or rice) and far too little protein.

For the first year of Kali’s life, I researched and experimented with baking treats for her. Soon I began to share prototypes with my friends’ dogs. My list of willing taste testers began to expand, and I was encouraged to market my treats. Soon my treats were displayed in two stores on the North Shore. I was “in business”, but I had to learn everything about sales and marketing. My early business tutors were helpful retailers who kept Kali Wags stocked on their shelves.

I sent my emerging treat recipe to the scientists at the Guelph Food and Technology Center to ensure that my product was truly well-balanced. With their consultation, I tweaked my recipe to approximate the standards for dog food, not just dog treats. I retained a marketing firm and we branded the product with a logo, labels and the tag line, “Even fussy dogs love them!”. Naming the treats was easy. Every time Kali came near the treats, her tail began to wag so it was just natural to call them Kali Wags – The Healthy Dog Treat.

Kali was my official treat tester, but she was a Yellow Lab (they’ll eat anything). I tried to find fussy dogs and today, many owners tell me that Kali Wags is the only treat which their dogs will eat. One woman wrote me and said that she could teach her dog to drive with Kali Wags!

Today Kali Wags are made from one third protein and egg, one third vegetables, and one third whole grains in three flavours: organic beef, natural peanut butter, and wild Alaskan salmon. I try to locally source my Kali Wags ingredients whenever possible. Since Kali’s passing in 2013, our Goldendoodle (Teaka) has become the official taste-tester.

Kali Wags is very much a family business. They are dehydrated in our home with a large commercial dehydrator, and then weighed, packaged and shipped across Canada.  My partner John, and his niece, Kristen, help with the baking and packaging. My family and friends track retail inventories and suggest stores in the Lower Mainland.

We now have about 70 stores selling Kali Wags from Tofino to Toronto. PSC Natural Foods distributes Kali Wags for Western Canada, and the Thriftys Foods chain made us a local partner in 2014. We also provide treats to three dog-friendly, luxury hotels in BC.

Kali Wags is about aligning my passion for dogs with a home-based business. It’s about finding the joy which healthy dogs can bring into our lives.

Dawn Farrow

​Founder - Kali Wags

My yellow lab usually thinks I’m poisoning her!!!

My 9 year old yellow lab usually thinks I’m poisoning her if I’m giving her something healthy. But Kali wags are gone in two bites. She thinks they should be renamed Gracie wags! Of course our black lab, Guido, doesn’t think twice. He starts drooling when he sees the bag. Thanks for a delicious and nutritious treat!


Don’t think your dog will like a healthy treat? Even fussy dogs love Kali Wags and we guarantee it! Give them a try and if you and your "best friend" aren't completely satisfied, just let us know and we will refund your purchase. It's just that easy.

​Do your dog treats have a warning to
“wash your hands after handling”

Kali Wags will tempt you to try them yourself!

​We ​believe in our Community

​Through the years we have supported:

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    North Island Recovery Centre

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