Training your dog with Kali Wags

Close up of Kali Wags training treat

Have you ever thought about dog training treats such as Kali Wags? Our Healthy Treat for Dogs are excellent rewards! Their compact size, easy portability, and one-year shelf life make them the idea training treat. All three varieties (Certified Organic Beef, Wild Pacific Salmon, and Natural Peanut Butter) are grooved so that you can easily […]

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Do you have a fussy dog?

Goldendoodle in water

If you have a fussy dog, we understand. That’s why our motto is, “Even fussy dogs love them!” Sometimes dogs are picky for short periods of time, or all the time because it’s part of their personality. Here’s some ideas for responding to your fussy dog. Outside Temperature As it gets warm outside in the […]

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Human Evolution, Dogs and Dingos


The records on dogs and human evolution show that we domesticated wolves with inter-breeding. Modern-day dogs emerged over a span of 15,000 years. Dogs and people formed a mutually beneficial relationship. While humans provided dogs with food and shelter, dogs were useful for hunting mammals. Furthermore, their sensitive ears and keen sense of smell could […]

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Healthy Dog Treats Ahead of Their Time!

Golden lab with Dawn

Our small, home-based business creates healthy dog treats for dog lovers. We believe our treats are ahead of their time. Here’s why… Pet Food Industry reports that two large, multinational brands dominate Canada’s pet food market (December 2017). These corporations account for 50% of dog food sales. Consequently, PFI says smaller domestic brands can increase their […]

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Certified Organic Beef Dog Treats? Yes We Are!

Organic Beef Dog treat

Our Healthy Dog Treats – Organic Beef One variety of Kali Wag’s healthy dog treats are hand-made from 100% certified organic beef. We are proud of the quality of ingredients in our dog treats. We source our organic beef treats from the Blue Goose Cattle Company It’s a ranch near Merritt, British Columbia – one of […]

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