Certified Organic Beef Dog Treats? Yes We Are!

Organic Beef Dog treat

Our Healthy Dog Treats – Organic Beef

One variety of Kali Wag’s healthy dog treats are hand-made from 100% certified organic beef. We are proud of the quality of ingredients in our dog treats.

We source our organic beef treats from the Blue Goose Cattle Company It’s a ranch near Merritt, British Columbia – one of the few that carries the “certified organic” label. The cows providing the beef are free range and grass-fed. The beef is so good that we eat it ourselves and share it with friends and family at barbeques.

Our beef in Kali Wags is muscle meat, not just the discarded bits which humans would prefer not to consume. The Kali Wags certified organic beef looks just like high-grade hamburger when it is shipped to home.

Why You can Trust Kali Wags

You can trust that your dog is getting REAL organic beef in Kali Wags.

Did you know that Canadian federal regulations for labelling organic products do not apply to pet foods? This means producers can call their product “organic” without qualifying what that means. But we love dogs and know how important their health is – for them and for you.

Not just the beef, but every ingredient in Kali Wags is restaurant-grade – from the kale to the grains. We use our custom “Kali Wags Mix” in  home baking and as a breakfast cereal. That’s not something you will find in any other dog treat on the market!

Kali Wags Choices

Kali Wags comes in three varieties of protein:

  • Certified Organic Beef
  • Wild Pacific Salmon
  • Natural Peanut Butter

The other ingredients are the same in all three varieties:

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Whole Eggs
  • Pumpkin
  • Flax and other whole grains

Dehydrated for Long Shelf Life

All Kali Wags treats are dried for 40 hours in our commercial dehydrator before they are weighed and packed by hand. Kali Wags stay nutritious for up to one year, but we know your dog won’t wait that long!  It’s okay to freeze Kali Wags and extend the one-year shelf life even longer. Some dogs love their Kali Wags treats frozen, especially on hot days!