Do you have a fussy dog?

Goldendoodle in water

If you have a fussy dog, we understand. That’s why our motto is, “Even fussy dogs love them!” Sometimes dogs are picky for short periods of time, or all the time because it’s part of their personality. Here’s some ideas for responding to your fussy dog.

Outside Temperature

As it gets warm outside in the late spring and summer, dogs with thick coats may suffer to the point of becoming dehydrated. That’s why our canine pals spend a lot of energy panting. It lowers their body heat by circulating air through their bodies. They may relax and eat less often because that’s their way of conserving energy.

Of course, providing your dog with plenty of drinking water is important. We provide our Goldendoodle with a kiddy pool in the hottest summer months, but she also enjoys a light misty spray from the garden hose. Her favourite cool-off place is a nearby lake.

We dog lovers can help out during the summer months by feeding them nutritionally-balanced pet food or snacks. Kali Wags is the perfect treat for this purpose, whether you have a fussy dog by nature or a just seasonal one. They’re also compact and have a one-year shelf life. You can take them with you on walks, hikes or long drives.

Picky Response to Foods

Here’s an idea which might help if your dog is a fussbudget. Dogs use their sense of smell to build mental images and memories of pet foods. Sometimes this takes time.

Temple Grandin is an American professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. She is an expert in animal behaviour, scientist and best-selling author. Dr. Grandin tells us that animal brains are sensory-based, not word-based like humans. In a 2017 lecture, she told the audience that “smell is a dog’s social life”. When introducing fussy dogs to unfamiliar foods, she said, “Just mix a little in and gradually switch it over.” The key is to let dogs explore new items at their own pace.

We have occasionally noticed the same picky behaviour when introducing dogs to Kali Wags. Occasionally, some dogs will show interest in the treat, but leave it untouched (unless it’s a Labrador Retriever, who eat anything!)

Later, owners report that when their dog is at home in a relaxed environment, they ate Kali Wags with gusto!


We’re so confident that your fussy dog will like Kali Wags that we guarantee them. We are always happy to hear from people who describe their dog as “fussy” but end up enjoying our healthy dog treats. If you haven’t yet, give us a try!