Healthy Dog Treats Ahead of Their Time!

Golden lab with Dawn

Our small, home-based business creates healthy dog treats for dog lovers. We believe our treats are ahead of their time. Here’s why…

Pet Food Industry reports that two large, multinational brands dominate Canada’s pet food market (December 2017). These corporations account for 50% of dog food sales. Consequently, PFI says smaller domestic brands can increase their presence with natural, organic and locally-grown products.

In other words, healthy dog treats are in demand by folks who love their dogs.

As consumers become aware of product recalls associated with mass-produced pet foods, Kali Wags is your dog’s best treat. Our treats are made by hand in our home in Nanaimo BC. We use restaurant-grade ingredients. Our packaging and labels are made in BC.

The Origins of Kali Wags Healthy Dog Treats

The first Kali Wags came from Dawn’s kitchen in Squamish, British Columbia. She acquired quality ingredients and created an irresistible treat for dogs. Her Yellow Labrador Retriever, Kali, wagged every time she smelled the treats. That’s how Kali Wags got its name!

Dawn’s first retail batch went to a pet food store in North Vancouver in 2002. With Kali, Dawn grew Kali Wags Healthy Dog Treats into a product now available in over 70 stores across Canada.

In 2014, Kali Wags was invited by the grocery chain, Thrifty Foods, to become a retail partner. Shoppers can find 150 gram packages of our Certified Organic Beef and Wild Pacific Salmon on Thrifty’s shelves.

Kali Wags have caught the attention of tourists who want healthy dog treats. Our 35 gram Kali Wags are provided free to dog owners in three luxury hotels on the west coast of BC. Hundreds of thousands of Kali Wags have treated dogs from Tofino to Nova Scotia.

We have been providing locally-sourced, healthy dog treats since 2002. This is why we believe Kali Wags is ahead of its time.

Today, you can find a retailer in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. We also ship directly to dog lovers all over Canada.