Training your dog with Kali Wags

Close up of Kali Wags training treat

Have you ever thought about dog training treats such as Kali Wags? Our Healthy Treat for Dogs are excellent rewards! Their compact size, easy portability, and one-year shelf life make them the idea training treat.

All three varieties (Certified Organic Beef, Wild Pacific Salmon, and Natural Peanut Butter) are grooved so that you can easily break off a piece to reward Jax or Monty with a healthy dog treat. One dog lover once told us that with Kali Wags, she could train her dog to drive! Dogs don’t need large treats. You can get the same level of obedience from your dog with a small but appealing dog treat.

What about training treats for small dogs?

We are often asked, “But my dog is a small dog – will she be able to eat them?”

Yes! One of our dog Teaka’s playmates is Allie – a Teacup Maltese. Dogs don’t come much smaller! Allie loves our treats and has no trouble crunching up any one of the three varieties of Kali Wags.

You’d be surprised how far a 500 gram (1.1 pounds) bag goes when you train your dog with Kali Wags. The bag contains enough rewarding, nutritious dog ingredients to train your dog for a week or more. And because they’re dehydrated, the shelf life is one year but longer if you freeze them.

But my dog is trained!

Kali Wags are a healthy reward for behaviour we love and reinforce in our canine friends. But sometimes we just want to show our gratitude for them being our favourite mammal friend. Whether it’s for obedience training or an expression of respect for humankind’s best friend, Kali Wags are ideal.